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Accessories You’ll Want for Road-tripping in a Rental Car

Here’s another good resource I found while preparing for my upcoming road trip around the Southeastern United States. 

We determined that my little Audi convertible – great as it is for tooling around town – wouldn’t work for a two-week road trip, so we decided to rent an SUV. Then I stumbled across this SmarterTravel.com article by Christine Sarkis about how to equip your rented ride for a long trip. I think you’ll find it worth reading whether you’re renting a car for a road trip or using your own vehicle.

The items on Christine’s list that I’ll be sure to take along include:

Car Seat Cushion

“If you’re sitting for hours in the no-frills bucket seat of a base-model rental car, it’s a wise idea to BYOP—bring your own padding.” This is especially helpful for us older road-trippers.

Air Vent Phone Car Mount

“Keep your phone secure and within reach.” I already have one, but this reminded me to be sure I take it along.


“You’ve got gear, and after hours on the road, that gear is going to need juice.” I’ll definitely be taking a compact multi-charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter AND a fast charger.

Paper Map

“Map apps can’t always keep up…In places where service is spotty, map apps sometimes lose their way.” I’ll definitely have my Triple-A maps and tour books for just such occasions. Besides, paper maps remind me of my early adventures.


“Passengers don’t always agree on the optimal temperature inside a car…Stay cozy and pack light with a fleece throw.” I think this is a must-have.

Safety Hammer Escape Tool

“You can prioritize road-trip safety… with a multi-purpose car emergency tool.” Hope I never need it, but always glad I have it.

Check out all of Christine’s suggestions. You may find a couple more essentials that I skipped. Safe travels!