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American travelers be aware: Real ID is coming and you need to prepare

Here’s a Gojourney.com notice by Brittany Malooly about the upcoming Real ID requirements for U.S. travelers.

Beginning in October 2020 all Americans using their driver’s licenses (or other state-issued identification) for domestic air travel will have to be compliant with federal “Real ID Regulations.” This has been in the air since 2013, but there are some new wrinkles. Most states have issued compliant cards for several years, but now these regulation-compliant documents must include a star in the upper-right hand corner to indicate that the identification meets federal standards, as well as a barcode to allow TSA staff to pull up information about each traveler. The new IDs are much more difficult to duplicate, as well.

Even if your current license is compliant, you won’t be able to use it for a domestic flight without the upgrades. So, by October 1, 2020, you’ll have to make a visit to the DMV (probably with birth certificate or passport and various other identification documents) to upgrade, even if your license is still valid after that date. Check with the state agency that issues your identification for details.