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TravelHaven News Brief – Economic Problems Result in Travel Changes

Airfare war benefits those with money to travel

The Washington Post reports that airlines battling for passengers on domestic routes are offering a variety of travel deals. "If you are paying over $300 for an airline ticket right now, you are probably paying way too much," said Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com. "We’ll never see these prices again outside of a recession." International flights have also been reduced, but some analysts doubt that the airfare deals will prompt travelers to buy.

Downturn makes now a good time to visit some destinations

MSNBC/Independent Traveler.com suggests that Iceland’s economic difficulties present an opportunity for adventurous travelers. Similar, if not as severe, economic problems are seen in central and eastern Europe, with the same advantages for visitors. The economic issues make it less expensive to visit such destinations, and travelers help boost their troubled economies as well.

Travel habits change but Americans still traveling, poll finds

A recent survey by Ypartnership (as reported in American City Business Journals/Honolulu) found that the travel habits of Americans are continually changing as the economic downturn drags on. Although most people are still planning a trip this year, travelers are trying to rein in their spending. The survey found that 87% of Americans polled plan to save money by booking a package trip.

Hotels’ financial woes can affect service

The credit crunch and ensuing economic downturn have hit the hotel industry hard, according to the New York Times. Many hotels are struggling and some are expected to be forced into foreclosure or bankruptcy over the next few months. If a hotel is experiencing financial difficulties, guests could be affected. "Hotels are doing things like closing the restaurant two nights a week or having the nightclub only open one or two nights a week," said Molly Vincent, vice president of a Las Vegas destination and event management company.

Marriott guests will have to ask to have newspaper delivered

Editor & Publisher says that Marriott International will become the first major chain to stop automatic delivery of newspapers to guest rooms. The chain said guest demand for the service has dropped about 25%, and its new system will deliver papers based on customer preference.

American Express expects European hotel rates, airfares to flatten

American Express Business Travel is predicting that the drastically reduced hotel rates throughout Europe will begin to flatten during the next couple of months. BTNOnline.com continues, writing that airfares in the region are also expected to decline until the third quarter. Capacity cuts will slow the falling prices, American Express said. The predictions are part of the company’s broader Business Travel Monitor.