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TravelHaven News Brief – Economic Problems Result in Benefits to Travelers

Airfare war benefits those with money to travel domestically

Airlines battling for passengers on domestic routes are offering a variety of travel deals, as reported in The Washington Post. "If you are paying over $300 for an airline ticket right now, you are probably paying way too much," said Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com. "We’ll never see these prices again outside of a recession." International flights have also been reduced, but some analysts doubt that the airfare deals will prompt travelers to buy.

Downturn makes now a good time to visit some overseas destinations

MSNBC/Independent Traveler.com suggests that Iceland’s economic difficulties present an opportunity for adventurous travelers. Similar, if not as severe, economic problems are seen in central and eastern Europe, with the same advantages for visitors. The economic situation makes it less expensive to visit such destinations and traveler dollars can help boost those troubled economies as well.