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New Travel App Helps Travelers with Disabilities

If you are a traveler with a mobility issue or know someone who is, Alex Temblador’s article, on MSNLifestyle has a great idea. There’s a new mobile app to assist travelers with disabilities know which places around the world are truly accessible and which ones are not.

It’s called Access Earth and, like TripAdvisor, allows users to rate hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions based on accessibility and accommodation for people with mobility disabilities. After downloading the app, Access Earth users answer a series of yes and no questions to determine the accessibility of a place. The questions will relate to accessibility of bathrooms, stairs, elevators, width of doorways. It even asks whether the site is step-free.

Access Earth offers the ability to leave a review for hotels, restaurants, and attractions worldwide, so people can offer further explanation on their experience that the yes or no questions may not cover.