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OMG! I Can’t Take My Tablet in Carry-on?

The Department of Homeland Security is getting very close to banning all electronics larger than a cellphone from the passenger cabin on flights from most or all European airports, expanding the current ban affecting airports in the Middle East and North Africa. Laptops, tablets, and other large electronics would have to be checked with your luggage.


DHS Secretary John Kelly will make the final decision, probably some time next week. DHS is apparently waiting until President Donald Trump returns from his overseas trip this weekend to make the announcement. Although some press reports suggest DHS will issue a three-week warning, DHS has said those reports are not correct.


Currently, the ban only covers ten airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa. That ban resulted from concerns that terrorist groups have become better at hiding explosives inside electronic devices that current screening technology cannot detect. Although Secretary Kelly stated at a congressional hearing yesterday that the final decision has not been made, he advised that DHS is monitoring “a number of very, very sophisticated advanced threats.”


Such a ban by the US could have unintended benefits for Canadian airlines, unless the Canadian government finds it necessary to impose its own ban.

This report is based on information from these stories on financialpost.com, politico.com, and cbsnews.com, among other sources.