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Protect Your Phone in Hot Weather

Summer vacation time! Outdoor activities in the hot summer sun! Cruises and beaches and hikes and ball games! Of course, we all know to keep hydrated and apply sunscreen and insect repellent for ourselves and our family. But what about your mobile devices? How can you protect them from heat stroke?

High temperatures over extended periods can cause that phone in your pocket or beach bag real problems – data loss or corruption, in particular – and repeated heat exposure can permanently slow the actions of electronic devices, even cause battery leakage and lead to fire. Yikes!

Luckily, we found Billy Perigo’s article on TravelandLeisure.com (originally from Time.com) with six easy steps to protect your phone from summer heatwaves. (Putting it in the fridge isn’t one of them.) They include not carrying your device in a pocket, keeping it turned off (or at least in airplane mode), not leaving it in a baking car, keeping it in the shade when charging, and other tips.

Check it out!