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TravelHaven Journal – Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain is a very typical Spanish town.  Ronda is home of the oldest bullring in Spain so, of course, we had to stop and see it.  You can see where the people sat and where the bulls were kept before they went out.  There is a museum with information about the picadores and matadores and their costumes, some of which are very beautiful.

Even the oldest bullring in Spain has been modernized to some extent.  Here’s this old bullring built in the 1700’s and the entry into it is a turnstile where you insert your ticket and it pops up on the other side.  Definitely old meets new!

Also in Ronda is a beautiful new bridge (Puento Nuevo), which spans a gorge which cuts right through the City.  The gorge is massive–probably as deep as a ten-story building.

We had lunch at a little bar and met a British guy who had moved to Ronda about 5 years ago.  He used to work for a headhunter in London, came to Ronda to visit, and, tired of the rat race, decided to stay.

We had a nice paella, a ham sandwich with aoli oil, and anchovies (neither of us had ever tried anchovies before) and pork with french fries.  These were all small dishes, not full plates.

Ronda is definitely worth the drive from Costa del Sol!