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The Best and Worst Travel Days This Holiday Season

Smarter Travel writer Shannon McMahon has holiday-season airfare data from the travel site Hipmunk to bring us a list of the best and worst dates for air travel around Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you fly impacts not only how much hassle you endure, but also what you pay.

For Thanksgiving, they rate Monday, November 25 as the best day to book your flights, followed by Thanksgiving Day (November 28) itself and Friday the 29th (if you’re partial to leftovers). The day to most avoid, as usual is the day before Turkey Day, Wednesday, November 27.

As for Christmas-time travel, in addition to Christmas on December 25 (as always), Hannukah starts on Monday the 23rd and Thursday the 26th marks the start of Kwanzaa. Still, the 25th looks like the lightest and least-expensive travel day, followed by Christmas Eve and the traditional race with Santa’s sleigh. Sunday, December 29 is the worst day, since most people will be trying to fly home at the last possible minute, but Saturday the 28th is a surprisingly good day..

You can view all the ins and outs of 2019 holiday flying at Shannon’s full article.

Happy Holiday Travel, everyone!