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TravelHaven News Brief

U.S. lifts restrictions, but barriers to Cuba remain

The Wall Street Journal suggests that President Barack Obama may spur a wave of visitors to Cuba through his decision to roll back travel restrictions on Americans. Before the masses make the trip, however, other logistical and legal barriers need to be overcome, including the limited transportation options to the island nation.

United to force obese fliers to buy 2 seats on full flights

United Airlines is changing its policy regarding obese passengers to match similar policies of other carriers, according to Reuters . Starting immediately, obese travelers will be bumped from full flights and may be required to buy another ticket for the subsequent flight.

Not all British tour operators pass Caribbean savings to travelers

An article in The Times (London) says that although Caribbean hoteliers are slashing prices to boost demand, some British tour operators who are getting the deals may not pass the savings along to travelers. Some, such as Carrier, are indeed offering deals in places such as Barbados for as much as 55% off, but TUI, which owns some of Britain’s largest tour operators, said it felt no obligation to pass the savings along to customers.

Airlines reduce service to second-tier business airports

As reported in USA TODAY , the economic downturn and subsequent drop in business travel has forced airlines to reduce capacity and cut service to midsize airports, such as those in San Antonio, Cleveland and Hartford, Conn. "What we’re seeing is representative of what’s happening across the country," said Ricky Smith, director of airports in Cleveland.