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TravelHaven Destination — Europe in Autumn

Tired of just heading north to see the autumnal beauty? Crai S. Bower has written an article about the fall glories in Europe in this slideshow with photos by Mike Hipple.

Here’s the introduction:

 “Paris in springtime is lovely, but autumn shines brightly throughout Europe, when oppressively hot temperatures in the Mediterranean have all but disappeared and crisp nights greet the northern and alpine regions. Unlike those April showers, fall is often quite dry, perfect for one more bike ride through a series of Belgian villages, paddling across a lake beneath the Alps or joining a fall wine crush in the south of Spain. However you intend to spend your autumn holiday abroad, these European destinations will add plenty of color to your experience.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it? See what Mike has to show you and Crai to tell you about such places as Czechoslovakia, Scotland, Andalusia, Italy, and others at this time of year. Then start making plans for your excursion through Europe as the colors change.