“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

TravelHaven Journal – Costa Rica Adventure 3

Arrival at Laguna Lodge

When we reach Laguna Lodge at Tortuguero, we are presented with a virgin cocktail, assigned a room, and go to unpack.

Laguna Lodge sits on land owned by the Park Service. All of the land on Tortuguero is owned by the government. The reception area is built in the Gaudi style, irregular and fantastically intricate and heavily influenced by natural structures and shapes – very interesting. There’s a pool, a bar, a black sand beach, and gorgeous landscaping!

The accommodations at Laguna Lodge consist of several separate buildings, each with eight guestrooms, all large and very simply furnished with a double bed and a single bed, two end tables, and another small table. The floors are beautifully polished hardwood. The closet is a sort of cubby with a hanging rod and several shelves. The bed has only sheets. There is no AC, but a small fan mounted on a beam on the very high ceiling keeps the air moving nicely and, combined with two screened windows, provides plenty of naturally cooled air. The cross breeze from the ocean is very refreshing! And there are wonderful rocking chairs with leather seats on the front porch of every room. So comfy!

Once we’re settled, it’s time for lunch. The meals at Laguna Lodge are served buffet style. There is only one meat, but there are several vegetables and a nice salad bar at every meal. Lunch was chicken, prepared on a large griddle/grill, with yucca and other vegetables, and, as always, rice and beans.

After lunch, it’s time to check out the beach and pool and then we take a water taxi to visit the town of Tortuguero. It’s larger than we had expected with a small grocery store, a hardware store, and, of course, lots of souvenir shops. There are no gas stations because there are no cars on Tortuguero and the boats get their gas in Caña Blanca. We bought a couple of things, had a beer at the local bar, and then boarded the boat for the trip back.

With a couple of hours until dinner, there’s time for the beach and pool, but I choose to relax in my room, reading. Ahhhhhh!

It rains some each day here, but not a lot. Money, books, passports, etc. never seemed to completely dry out – things stay pretty damp . The plus side to this is that my skin also stays moist—natural moisturizer!

Dinner was superb—steak butterflied and grilled. There were veggies, rice and beans (of course!) and the salad bar, There was also an awesome dessert made with coconut. I will get the recipe for that and share it because it was sooooo good!

After dinner, we’re all pretty tired and go right to bed, even though it’s only 9 p.m.! I had planned to read for a while, but was asleep before I got through one page!