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TravelHaven News Brief — 10 ways air travel will change in 2014

From MSN.com’s post of an article by Conde Nast Traveler we pass on these two air carrier business trends.

Airlines battle for bicoastal business fliers

A completely opposite trend is happening in the front of the plane, as premium seating gets better for those willing to pay. Starting in January, American will launch a three-class service between New York and the West Coast, featuring fully flat sleeper seats in both first class and business. In June, JetBlue will debut a souped-up A321 Airbus with a premium cabin, a first for the low-cost line. Delta and United are also installing a lie-flat product on their transcontinental runs.

Transatlantic budget airlines make a comeback

Those with long memories will remember how Freddie Laker’s Skytrain was a backpackers’ darling more than 30 years ago, thanks to $199 fares to Europe. Now that transatlantic fares are higher than they’ve been in years, a new breed of cut-rate carriers is back on the scene, including Norwegian Air Shuttle and an Icelandic contender, Wow Airlines. Their secret is to use more fuel-efficient planes, which they claim will let them charge significantly less than mainstream carriers.


And finally, for all of you who aspire to high roller lifestyles.

Private jets get more affordable

No, that’s not a joke; thanks to new ‘ultra-light’ jets in the offing, some operators will offer regular flights on private jets for just a bit more than the price of first class. Plus, some ride-sharing companies like JumpSeat are matching up fliers to split the cost. But don’t expect luxe accommodations a la Gulfstream—some of these ultra lights have ultra-tight quarters.


You can see the whole slideshow at http://living.msn.com/life-inspired/life-unleashed/10-ways-air-travel-will-change-in-2014-2.