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TravelHaven News Brief — 10 ways air travel will change in 2014 (continued)

In this installment of MSN.com’s article from Conde Nast Traveler about changes in air travel that we can expect this year, let’s get some of the bad news out of the way.

Air travel taxes head higher

Congress didn’t want to raise taxes in its latest budget deal, so instead it slapped an extra “user fee” on fliers for the privilege of going through security. That raises the total security fee for a roundtrip flight to $11.20 starting in early 2014, up from $5 for most trips before. But that’s just one of a slew of taxes and levies that are rolled into your total airfare, and airlines and consumer groups worry that this is just advancing the trend of using fliers as a sort of ATM for government spending.

We pay more fees

Fees will continue to proliferate in 2014, especially since airlines will be rolling out more products that consumers might be willing to pay for. But airlines could hit a wall with outright fare hikes; airline consolidation is raising antitrust concerns in Washington, so the government is watching pricing more closely these days. Plus, Southwest, JetBlue and Virgin America will expand into lucrative East Coast markets after the Justice Department forced American and US Airways to give up some precious airport space in order to win government approval for their union. More competition from lower-cost airlines is likely to help put the brakes on price gouging.

You can see the whole slideshow at http://living.msn.com/life-inspired/life-unleashed/10-ways-air-travel-will-change-in-2014-2