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TravelHaven News Brief — 10 ways air travel will change in 2014

MSN.com has an article from Conde Nast Traveler about changes in air travel that we can expect this year. We’ll post them here over the next several weeks. Here’s the first two.

Inflight Wi-Fi becomes ubiquitous

Most big airlines are already offering Wi-Fi at least domestically, and JetBlue and Southwest just recently rolled out their Wi-Fi access too. But now that the FAA has approved gate-to-gate use of portable electronic devices, you can expect to see airlines competing to offer the same broadband experience you get on the ground, with the ability to download large files and watch video offerings. They’ll also be installing more power outlets so your battery won’t drain. 

The seat squeeze gets worse

More and more airlines are adding new ‘slimline’ seats (United and Alaska already have them), which usually offer the same seat pitch but less width. It’s clearly a way to make more money (smaller seats means you can cram more of them onto a plane, and some airlines have been doing just that), but there’s some industry backlash from the shift. As reported by NBC, Boeing has been manufacturing 17-inch seats, while Airbus is calling for a standard of 18 inches for long-haul flights. In the meantime, British design firm Seymourpowell is trying to make everyone happy with its new “Morph” seat idea, which enables airlines to adjust individual seats within a row to small and large sizes.

You can see the whole slideshow at http://living.msn.com/life-inspired/life-unleashed/10-ways-air-travel-will-change-in-2014-2.