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TravelHaven News Brief – Lufthansa Pilots on Strike

Today Lufthansa’s Cockpit Pilots’ Union declared a four-day walkout over job security, as reported in the Washington Post . In response, Lufthansa officials have cancelled approximately 800 out of a typical 1,800 daily flights. Many long-haul flights to the U.S., including New York and Denver, have been canceled because of the strike.

Lufthansa is Europe’s biggest airline by sales. Four thousand pilots are involved in the walkout and Monday’s cancellations alone will affect about 10,000 passengers worldwide. Officials warned that more flights may be cancelled on Monday. The strike, which involves pilots for even Lufthansa’s smaller subsidiaries, will cost $34 million per day.

The pilots are seeking increased job security and want German labor conditions to apply to Lufthansa pilots hired abroad, in an effort to prevent their jobs from migrating to neighboring countries with cheaper conditions. Lufthansa has indicated that such measures are not being considered.