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TravelHaven Tips — Safer Travel with Your Smart Phone

No one likes to think about problems on vacation, but the world is still an uncertain place, so it’s wise to take reasonable precautions. A recent article by Amy Bertrand of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on travelagentcentral.com discusses ways your smart phone can make your holidays safer.

“As you and your loved ones head out for spring break, there is a safety gadget you are probably holding, even as you get on the plane or drive in your car: your smart phone.

“Here are some tips from U.S. Cellular on how to use your smart phone for a safe spring break.

“Save your itinerary on your phone. Regardless of whether your printed itinerary is stowed in your luggage on the plane, left in the hotel room or forgotten on the kitchen table at home, by saving it on your phone, it will also be available in the palm of your hand. Access confirmation numbers, reservation times and more to avoid problems at check-in and so you’re never slowed down.”

To check out U.S. Cellular’s other five tips, go to http://www.travelagentcentral.com/trends-research/use-your-smart-phone-travel-safely-34239

Here’s to fun and safe travel!