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TravelHaven Tips ― Travel Gear Update

Rob Lovitt, a travel writer, has reported on welcome trends in travel gear on msnbc.com. New products at this year’s Travel Goods Association (TGA) show emphasized affordability and specific needs, rather than designers and logos.

Depending on your travel experiences, some of these might be just what you need:

Before your journey even begins, the JetLag RX app for your iPhone ($10.00) provides a customized regimen, based on modern research, to minimize the effects of jet lag. You input your travel destination, your usual bedtime and so on. The app recommends a schedule for eating, sleeping and exposure to light prior to departure in order to land in the new time zone with minimal effects.

The new Mini Fan ($12.50) from Design Go could be a life saver if you get stuck on a plane with no air conditioning. Running on a single AAA battery its retractable blades spin at 10,000 rpm. About the size of a large cigarette lighter, it slips easily into your pocket or purse when the AC comes back.

Propping your iPhone or iPod on an airplane tray table just invites it to skitter away under a neighboring seat. The Seat Buddy ($19.95) is made of soft silicone rubber and hangs your device from the seat in front of you — or from a headrest in the car — so you can watch movies without worrying that it will get too mobile.

For another sort of in-flight entertainment, the AirPlay tray table cover ($29.99) from Star Kids Products can keep toddlers and infants happily occupied. It offers little travelers several early-educational activities with a clean playing surface of colorful cotton and polyester.

Someday, hotels will realize that travelers need more than one or two outlets per room. In the meantime, Voltage Valet ($30) is a travel power strip from Hybrinetics. Measuring 7″ x 2″ x 1.5″, the unit can connect up to three AC-powered devices and one USB-powered device simultaneously. It operates on 100- to 240-volt systems worldwide (with the appropriate adaptor plug outside North America).

The SPIbelt ($19.95) is a streamlined fanny bag designed to carry “Small Personal Items”. Originally designed for runners, the expandable pouch will hold a cell phone, keys and other pocket-sized items and is available in waterproof or reflective versions.

Pack your newly-discovered foreign wine or olive oil bottles in the inflatable VinniBag ($24.95) and they can survive even the roughest baggage handler in your checked luggage. Expandable air chambers cushion against impact and leakage. The open design accommodates odd-sized souvenirs (figurines, vases, perfume bottles, etc.), as well. It rolls flat when not in use.

All of these devices are designed to make your travel experience less stressful. So put them to the test on your next trip.