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U.S. Entry Requirements for Return from Overseas

Malika Bowling, in her recent article on fodors.com explores the necessities involved in returning to the US after overseas adventures. New restrictions require proof of a negative COVID test to re-enter the country. Malika explores what the traveler has to be prepared to do, including ascertaining just what kind of test is needed and what that will involve in the foreign land. Coordinating the COVID test with a letter from a doctor is essential before your visit.

The article also touches on questions to verify with your destination hotel:

  • Will They Arrange the COVID Test or Am I Responsible for It?
  • What Is the Cost of the Test? Can I Pay With a Credit Card?
  • Will the Hotel Arrange for a Discount or an Extension of My Stay if I Test Positive? And for How Long?
  • Are There Any Apps I Am Required to Download for Communication Before Visiting?
  • If the Hotel Won’t Offer a Stay Extension, Where Can I Go to Get a Discount Stay While I Recover?
  • Ask Your Insurance if There Is Coverage Overseas if You Test Positive.


As with so many things, especially these days, it’s important to know before you go.