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Laptop Ban Update

We reported last week that the Department of Homeland Security had decided NOT to expand its ban against having tablets, laptops, and large electronics in the passenger cabin of international flights. The proposal was to extend the ban (imposed by the United Kingdom as well against six Middle Eastern airports) from ten airports in the Middle East to those in Europe. That was not the final decision, however, and DHS Secretary Kelly indicated that the ban is still under consideration.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), representing the interests of the world’s airlines, has proposed measures short of an absolute ban to address the heightened risk, including use of explosive trace detection technology at airport checkpoints, increased scrutiny, including trace analysis, for electronic devices in particular, more reliance on trusted-traveler programs, and using behavioral threat officers and dogs, coupled with better training of screeners.

Here’s the latest news.

The Laptop Ban: Expand It or Banish It?