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TravelHaven Journal – Tarifa and the Ferry to Tangier

Another interesting side trip we took while in Costa del Sol, Spain, was to Tangier, Morocco.

You reach Tangier from Spain by taking a ferry.  We took the high speed ferry from Tarifa to Tangier.  Tarifa was about an hour and a half drive from where we stayed in Costa del Sol.  The roads were good so it was not a problem.  Then we got to Tarifa and tried to find a place to park–not so easy since the lot at the ferry does not permit all-day parking.  We figured that was no problem since we had seen a bunch of parking meters along the main street, about a block or so away from the ferry terminal.  I knew that these parking meters required "disks" that you had to purchase from a parking meter machine.  What I didn’t know was that you could only park at these meters for 2 hours–that wouldn’t work.

So Lynette went into the ferry terminal and asked where we should park.  She thought the guy said there was a parking garage up the street, but we sure couldn’t find it!  Maybe there was a little language barrier there!  But we did find on-street parking about 2 blocks away so we parked there and hoped we wouldn’t get towed!  I’m not sure AAA would have worked there!

One thing to note is that when you get on the ferry, even though you’ve already had your passport stamped once, you have to stand in line (forever!) and have it stamped again.

My next post will talk about some of the things we saw and learned while in Morocco.