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TravelHaven News Brief – Travel Advisory, March, 2008

Several changes have been evolving in the travel industry and I want to try to keep you advised of them.  Please call me at 407.399.7758 or email me if you have any questions.

United and USAir are now charging non-elite passengers for a second checked bag. You are allowed ONE checked bag at no charge.  All other bags will cost you $25 to check.

Spirit charges for all bags, but if you go on line prior to the flight, it will cost you less than if you pay at the airport.

Don’t be surprised if other airlines pick up on the trend–it’s found money for them!More airports are now requiring longer baggage check-in times.  Orlando, Las Vegas and Los Angeles are some that I’ve heard about.  Please check with your airline (or me!) to avoid unpleasant surprises.  The computers will not allow the gate agents to process bags after 45 minutes prior to a flight and they cannot override the system.  They also will not send your bags on a later flight.

Las Vegas no longer has a First Class line for security so please don’t cut it close!  At times the lines at Las Vegas take an hour or more to get through!I believe in the Clear Card and more airports are accepting it now.  If you don’t have one, please go on line to www.flyclear.com and sign up.  I promise you, if it keeps you from missing one plane a year, it has more than paid for itself!

This is a new twist . . . TSA is now requiring advance manifests from cruise lines so now the cruise lines are saying that if you don’t fill out your on-line forms prior to your cruise date (some require three days prior, Regent is 75 days prior), you may be denied boarding with no compensation.  Regent says if it is not done 75 days prior, they will cancel your space with no refund! Bottom line, please do all of your homework so that you do not "miss the boat!"