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TravelHaven News Brief

Bill to Lift Cuban Travel Restrictions

Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA) has introduced a bill that would restore unrestricted travel from the U.S. to Cuba for the first time in almost fifty years. Cuba had long been a popular vacation destination for Americans before the restrictions were imposed in the wake of the Castro revolution. The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel also reports that this legislation would prohibit imposing future travel restrictions to the island nation unless some serious threat arose. President Barack Obama had favored easing the travel ban during his campaign.

Airline Practices Make It Difficult to Figure Full Price

Many airlines make it difficult for passengers to know the full price of their fare, as well as what additional fees they will encounter during and after booking their flights, according to critics referenced in a recent CNNMoney.com/Reuters story. The issues pertain to those booking through both traditional and online travel agencies. "There is some information available depending on how you buy the ticket, but sorting out how it applies to you as the individual is the key. And it is not all that easy to do," said Paul Ruden, senior vice president for legal and industry affairs at ASTA.

Hertz Raises North American Rates

The Wall Street Journal reports that a drop in demand, frozen credit markets and auto industry issues are hurting the rental-car companies. The situation has prompted Hertz Global Holdings to raise its rates for car rentals at airport locations across North America by $5.00 per day. The development does not affect rates on negotiated contracts.