“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

TravelHaven Journal – Costa Rica Adventure Final

Departing Costa Rica

We found out yesterday that Eddie, our friend from Costa Rican Trails, will be able to pick us up this morning to take us back to San Jose. This is great news because, of all our excellent guides, Eddie was the one we liked best, the one who first introduced us to this lovely country.

Each morning, around dawn, I have gotten up and gone out on my balcony to write in my journal. And every morning, I have been greeted by the beautiful sounds of birds and the howler monkeys saying hello. And just as early every morning, I have seen the landscapers and hotel personnel making sure the resort is beautiful for us. The surroundings at Casitas Eclipse are beautiful!

Random Thoughts

I’m so glad I planned this trip the way I did! We had some incredible experiences and I feel like we have seen so much that Costa Rica has to offer. I think my next trip to Costa Rica will start with a return to the Arenal Volcano, then to Monteverde cloud forest, then up to Guanacaste, another beautiful beach area.

The only major disappointment on this trip was the Manuel Antonio National Park hike. Maybe that’s because we got to see white faced monkeys (up close and personal), howler monkeys, etc. during the earlier part of our trip. Also, the forest at Manuel Antonio wasn’t nearly as dense as the one in Tortuguero. I just didn’t see much there. Of course we cut it short because of the heat and the dual-language issue. The 3-toed sloth was cool though.

The Costa Rican people (Ticos) we met were all very friendly and helpful. They seem to appreciate it so much if you try to say a few words in Spanish, which we always did. I recently read that, according to an international survey, Ticos were “the happiest people in the world.” When we asked Eddie about this, he said they were mostly happy with their health care and social services, which is paid for by the cost savings from not having an army. We asked what would happen if they were ever attacked and he replied that they were a neutral country so the USA would surely come to their aid.

Almost every village in Costa Rica has these five elements: a Catholic church, a school, a soccer field, a bar, and a police station – religion, education, recreation, and security.

Our trip back to San Jose was uneventful. We had planned to tour a coffee plantation, but it was rainy so we decided to just go back to San Jose and do a little more souvenir shopping at a store Eddie had told us about. The remainder of the day and our last night passed uneventfully. The next morning we were up early and off to the airport for our trip home to Orlando.

Pura Vida will linger in our hearts and in our memories for years to come.