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TravelHaven News Brief — Largest US carriers raise fares

Nancy Trejos of USA TODAY reports that Delta Air Lines has increased fares by $4 to $10 roundtrip across most domestic routes, just in time for the peak holiday travel season. Several airlines had matched the increase yesterday, though that was no guarantee that the hike would stick.

This is the 12th fare increase attempt by U.S. carriers in 2013, of which only 3 lasted. This was down from 15 attempt (7 successful) in 2012 and 2011’s 22 attempts (9 nine stuck. So far in 2013, American — including merger partner US Airways — and United had matched increases on many routes, but air fare increases typically don’t succeed unless low-cost carriers such as Southwest Airlines participate.

Neither Southwest nor JetBlue have matched this latest increase so far. Industry analysts are watching to see how much leverage Southwest Airlines potential lack of participation has in scuttling future domestic hikes after the past four years of consolidation.