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TravelHaven Tips — Many Travelers Find Travel Agents a Good Deal

If you’re among the technologically competent who have been using the internet for all your travel needs, only to suffer unexpected problems, you may want to consider finding a good travel agent.

D-I-Y booking using the technology at everyone’s fingertips today is losing its luster. Studies have found that almost a third of leisure travelers who booked trips online are considering going to a good traditional travel agent for their next trip. Less than a quarter of similar respondents gave that answer in 2008. Another report says that leisure travelers’ satisfaction with the Web as a means to plan and book vacations dropped under 50% last year.

These results indicate growing frustration with websites utilize complicated mechanics that rob vacation planning of its fun. Some also fail to meet the traveler’s specific needs. Such dissatisfaction should result in more business for those agents who have survived drops in commissions, faltering economy, and technological competition on a global scale.

A traditional travel agent can often get special rates for clients, as well as various upgrades and perks. Their expertise helps travelers avoid having to figure out varying rates and restrictions. They are also standing by when a trip goes wrong, be it an oversold hotel or a natural disaster. Agents are also a great source of information on little known hotels, special points of interest, and other details that can make a holiday truly memorable and unique.

The most savvy vacationers switch back and forth, using agents to arrange cruises and more complicated tours, but making their own reservations for shorter jaunts or business trips.