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TravelHaven Tips — Airfare Myths

Remember when flying was fun? Or at least exciting. Okay, it’s still the way we get to places that we want to go or need to go, but all the inconveniences and costs make getting there not so romantic any more. Especially when it comes to the cost.

Eric Read of MainStreet.com in this article on msn.com says “too many myths circulate about the airline industry, and marching into an airport confident that you can game the system will only leave you grumbling at the gate agent as they reassign you to a seat right next to the bathroom.”

He goes through eight of those myths. Take a look to see how many of these you believe. Then read the article to get the straight dope.

Eight Airfare Myths:

Last-minute fares are sold at cut rates.

You can never buy tickets too far in advance.

A hidden website has amazing deals.

You can talk the gate agent into an upgrade.

There’s a right day to buy.

Airlines run great online deals

You can get a break on the fare to fly home for a funeral.

You need to stay overnight on a Saturday to get the best deals on a round trip.


So, if you believe any of those myths, you need to read Eric’s article to learn the truth.