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Keeping in Touch While Traveling – Anywhere!

Cellhire™ wireless voice and data rentals can keep you in touch via phone, e-mail, or Internet. This service can provide peace of mind while traveling abroad or throughout the United States. Each of Cellhire’s solutions is tailored to meet your needs while being convenient and affordable. Ask about Cellhire when we are making your travel arrangements.

Encrypted Boarding Pass Tests

USA TODAY reports that the Federal Aviation Administration could require airlines to issue boarding passes with encrypted bar codes. Security critics have long complained that "any moron with a printer" can forge current travel documents, while encrypted bar codes are much more resistant to tampering. The Transportation Safety Authority plans a nationwide test to determine whether the technology is efficient and effective. TSA may buy as many as 2,300 hand-held scanners, enabling screeners across the country to verify passengers with either a traditional paper boarding pass or an electronic version.