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Visa Wars

Travelers planning a trip to Europe this summer may encounter an unexpected obstacle. Presently, you can fly to Europe without any kind of paperwork, except for your passport. But a dispute over visas between the USA and the EU is coming to the fore in Brussels, the EU “capitol” and it may affect your travel.

The European Union wants all EU citizens, regardless of their nationality, to be permitted visa-free travel to the USA. The United States is is reluctant to allow citizens of certain countries, including Cyprus, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland to enter without obtaining a visa. European legislators have passed a non-binding resolution to impose visa requirements on Americans, starting in May.

Visas are expensive and complicated to obtain and the process can take several weeks; sometimes passports must be sent into the foreign embassy to obtain the visa. Currently, Russia, China, India, and Brazil require visas for Americans entering their borders. Your travel agent or your airline can advise you on how to get your visa.

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