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When will international travel be possible again?

When international travel pretty much came to an end last spring, most travel and health experts believed the borders would stay closed until some time in 2021, or longer. State borders within the USA are reopening now, but other countries have remained closed to US residents.

Blake Snow has an article at fodors.com about when borders will open for pleasure and business travel. His story suggests that, although seven nations now welcome American tourists with few restrictions, travel to most of the world is likely to remain problematic until next summer. And even those predictions are open to glitches. And some probably will remain shut even longer.

At present, visitors to most foreign destinations face 14-day mandatory quarantines, COVID tests (negative), special insurance or visas, or other legal barriers to enter. The exceptions are Mexico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Turkey, Zambia, Belarus, and Albania, which only require a simple temperature check, declaration of health, or traditional visa.

Blake’s article gives more details.